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The Board is a group of individuals who support the pastorate in administrative decision making regarding budgets, properties, pastoral salaries, and other decisions pertaining to the church’s status as a non-profit organization.

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2000 - Present

David is an author, pastor, and donor development professional based in Colleyville, Texas.

Pastors Paul and Dana met David when he was in an Associate Pastor role at Living Word in Minneapolis in the 90s.


David's experience and giftings in the pastorate, communication, and non-profit organization are a blessing to our church family.



2000 - Present

Rodney is pastor of Living Waters Fellowship and is also founder of the accounting firm, Rodney W Wicklund & Associates, which specializes in ministry finance in Ellsworth, WI.


Rodney has been ministering alongside Pastors Paul and Dana since the 80s. Rodney's experience and giftings in the pastorate and accounting  are a blessing to our church family.



2001 - Present

Peter is a founding member of Love Church who now works in commercial real estate in Colorado Springs, CO.


Peter has been a constant support to the ministry and his prayer, diversity of knowledge, wise suggestions, and ability to ask meaningful questions are a blessing to our church family.



2020 - Present

Steve is a member of Love Church who specializes in medical financial administration. Steve and his family live in Menomonie and have been a part of Love Church since 2014. Steve's experience and gifting in helping large organizations plan for the future is a blessing to our church family.

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