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We are a Christian church family with a desire to experience and express the love of God.

We are based in Menomonie, WI where the church was planted in the year 2000 by Senior Pastors Paul and Dana. Ever since we have started gathering, we have seen God's powerful love and faithfulness in operation as He has brought and worked through such amazing people in our community.

In any context that we gather, we desire to experience and express His love. We do our best to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, live in the goodness of the Father, as we are led by the Spirit. We have a deep appreciation and respect for The Bible.  We believe that God's love manifests in powerful ways as we yield to the Holy Spirit with a desire to be transformed by His presence. We love to worship together, encourage one another in Christ, and we excitedly look forward to seeing how He continues to work in and through each person. We invite you to be a part of His story through Love Church.

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